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One of our favourite card magic tricks. Everybody knows who was Harry Houdini, one of the greatest magicians. Everybody knows his famous and dangerous performances. You can recreate one of his famous escapes, with the same emotion and magic. With a simple Elmsley count you obtain four magic effects and a killer ending. Beautiful coloured drawings, linked to a funny and logical routine, for a successful “packet trick”. We love this card trick, but the audience revere the final effect. Like an Ambitious card trick but with a logical story.

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12,50 €

The Houdini's Four Door Challenge is one of our favourite card tricks.

Only four cards in action, but you obtain four magic climaxes with a killer ending.

Like an Ambitious card trick, but really easy to do. Only involves one basic technique, the Elmsley Count. All the movements are covered by the trepidant story.

For four times Houdini achieves his purpose. Not only he escapes four times, at the last time Houdini can do something really magic!

As a final climax, the last change occurs in the spectator’s hands, leaving a fully examinable card.

A startling and memorable routine that will have your audiences talking about you.

You will be delighted by the miraculous impact this routine will have on your viewers.

No Gaffed Cards - Easy Reset

This one is destined to become a classic!

Bonus: Includes one additional card to make a different end to this trick. Amaze your audience again and again.



Clear instructions in English and Spanish with illustrations.

9 cards.

Poker Size.