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The best in comedy magic. A version of Three Card Monte but with a humorous twist. Perfect for restaurant magic, table magic or close up. The funniest packet trick ever created, to carry in your wallet. With easy techniques you may have already used. Clear and detailed instructions. Your audience will remember it. The logical continuation of tricks like "Color Monte" or "This and that". More fun is impossible! A winner card trick!

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How often have you experienced the following situation?

Imagine. You are in a restaurant and you need to go to the bathroom. You ask to the waiter “where is the toilet?”.   "It's easy", he answers "through this door, go straight, turn left, go up the stairs, cross the room, turn right, turn right again, finally turn left, and down the stairs. You'll find three doors. The middle one is the gentlemen's room. It's very easy".

But when you arrive on front of the three doors it's not so easy to find the correct door.

And it's just the beginning!

Can you remember such a situation? It’s totally familiar for everybody!

It's only the beginning of this excellent trick, full of laughter and fun. Your audience will loves this trick.

3 Toilet Monte is tailored for the walk-around performer, combining high impact with total reliability and instant reset.

The funniest talk and tease that you can do.

Like a Three card Monte, but more funny. With three doors toilet! Where is the right door?

To make the situation interesting and fun, you need the toilet now! And when you say now, you mean now! You are approaching at the point of no return.

It's your last chance.

Maybe it is too late!!! Maybe too late!!!

Do not miss the opportunity offered by this trick. The fascination is in the entertaining story with the surprising punch on the final card.

With techniques that you probably know, and are easy to learn.

It is very easy, only requires the knowledge of the basic technique of card magic (explained in the instructions).

Bonus: Includes two additional cards to make three different ends to this trick. Amaze your audience again and again.



Clear instructions in English and Spanish with illustrations.

5 cards.

Poker Size.