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DROPS version displays a drop of water and a drop of oil. Oil and Water is a classic magic plot! John Bannon, Ed Marlo, Juan Tamariz, many magicians have their version, but ... do you have your own version?  This is a product for original magic. Forget tedious red and black cards. Ideal for "Follow the Leader", "Meeting of colors" or "Out of this world” and other magic tricks.

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DROPS version displays a drop of water and a drop of oil. Mixing drop by drop, water and oil will never mix. Makes a logical and visual performance. Your audience will follow the outcome perfectly. Magical!

All magicians have their own version of "Oil and water" but ...

Do you have your own cards for your version of the trick?

Tired of using the 9s and 6s? Do you use repeated cards?

Finally the ultimate solution!

Designed by magicians, for magicians. In great detail.

Why didn’t anybody think of this before?

Now it makes sense to say that the water does not mix with the oil.

More visual than ever. More logical than ever. Be the first to perform it.


Basic routine, clear instructions in English and Spanish with illustrations.
9 cards.
Poker size